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As a person who desires a better life or has seen the hit movie 'The Secret' we have

Tried Manifesting Things Through

'The Law Of Attraction'

  • Right?
  • We wrote out goals...
  • We created a vision board...
  • We asked and believed...
  • We pursued what we loved...

And Then We HOPED For That Thing To Come

And that "Thing" just never seems to come...


Is that your story right now? Is this what brought you here?


Or maybe your story is uniquely different?


Maybe you have manifested something you've always wanted. Even if it's little.


But the fear of going "too big"


Or losing what you already have haunts your mind.


Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you understood the formula of 'How Thoughts Become Things'?


Just 14 years ago many of us were featured in the hit movie "The Secret" which exploded The Law of Attraction into an international sensation.


Since then, we saw a need to expand on a few of concepts that were holding many people back from experiencing The Law of Attraction's full abundance.


One of those key concepts is thought power and what to actually do with your thoughts.


There was clearly a large success division between those that understood thought power, and those that did not.


So we gathered several of the top thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and cast from 'The Secret', to bring you another fun and thought transformational experience! 

What Would Happen To Your Life

If You Could Finally Turn Any Thought Into Things?


If You Could Improve...

  • Business

  • ​Relationships

  • Health

  • Spirituality

  • Community Culture

  • Self-understanding

We've brought you the top thought leaders in the world so you can loosen your mind valve and let limitless prosperity flood in your life!

Inside of Thoughts Become Things we will be sharing with you the top secrets of manifestation so that you can experience better finances, health, relationships.


Here's a sneak peak of what you'll discover in this revolutionary new film.

The Secrets Revealed:

Secret #1 - Learn how your thoughts manifest your reality, even if you're "stuck".


Secret #2 - Conquer negative patterns of anxiety, fear, stress, and overwhelm, even if you've been there a while.


Secret #3 - Uncover the simple secret on how your thoughts can immediately track and predict your abundance level.


Secret #4 - The single road block that stops The Law of Attraction from working in your favor.


Secret #5 - Exactly how to elevate the power of your thoughts now.


Secret #6 - Find out why your current programming is keeping you from everything you want, and attracting what you don't want.

What Are The World's Thought Leaders Already Saying

About 'How Thoughts Become Things '?

"I believe this movie will go in the same direction as 'The Secret'."




Bob Proctor

"This film is truly going to take it to the whole next level. Not just on how to direct your thoughts, but to create them into who you truly want to become."

Travis Fox

"If you don't like your reality, go watch this movie, find out how to change your thinking, and create a reality you're actually happy with."


Dr. Joe Vitale

Your going to learn so much from so many amazing experts so you can manifest, create, have, do and be, everything you want."


John Assaraf

" One of the most powerful films you will over see on the power of thought and how thoughts can materialize into things, enrichment, and wealth."

Denis Waitley

As You Can See...

'How Thoughts Become Things'  Is Already Impacting Lives Around The World...

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powerful film explores the true power behind gratitude and unfolds some very mysterious concepts that amplify the forces of gratitude in your life.

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